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Kandida has set out to provide multidimensional cultural and ethnic couture that radiates elegance, fabulousness and funkiness. The designers at Kandida keep in mind the needs of every woman; the student, the working girl, the professional as well as the mother to create pieces for all palates. Our apparel combine exciting, bold prints, highlighted by embroidery on organic fabrics with experimental silhouettes aredesigned especially for the contemporary woman. The blend of these elements and the fusion of western and traditional inspirations is what makes our brand one of a kind. Our collections are brilliant examples of the vibrancy of Indian traditions with spark of modern uniqueness. We Specialize in: Embroidery – We use embroidery to give it that extra sprinkle of life to push our art out of its two dimensions to three. Experimental Silhouettes–When we say our clothes set you free, we’re not only referring to our prints and fabric but our styles and fits too. Our cuts guarantee comfort without compromising on style. KANDIDA Accessories We care that you are a apart of kandida and that’s what matters to us in every way! We cater to traditional and contemporary semi-precious metal jewelry and Pure Silver Jewelry which is handcrafted with elegance and safe for the environment and specially your skin.
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